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Corporate Collection

Client: Dominium-Plymouth, MN

Interior Designer: Melissa Metzler-BKV Group-Minneapolis, MN

Project Details-Phase One: Dominium wanted to decorate their newly remodeled offices with a collection of artwork featuring images of their rental properties.

Design Solution: Dominium provided us with a large number of property images to be used in the artwork collection.  Of these images, we selected the ones with the best content and highest quality to ensure the best print quality at the desired sizes.  The images were then sorted into groupings for each area throughout the office.

Main Corridor: For the main corridor, we proposed to use black and white prints exclusively to set them apart from the colored prints in the office areas.  The corridor collection is comprised of print groups with each group highlighting a particular property.  The images were cropped in different ways to create a contemporary or abstract style.

Two of the images were divided into multiple framed pieces to create polyptychs (shown below).

By cropping the images, we were able to focus on important elements of Dominium’s properties (shown below).

Breakroom: Dominium was searching for a unique print to be installed in the breakroom.  We suggested a color abstracted image and provided them with a number of options.  Once these options were reviewed we took the designer’s input and used it to come up with the final option.  The result was a combination of the first set of options with the proper blend of color to fit the breakroom space (see below).

Conference Rooms: For the conference room art the group at Dominium liked the idea of color abstracting their property images instead of a traditional colored prints.  We proposed a specific color blend for each individual conference room to make each one unique.

Client Response: “Kahler Photo provided Dominium with an affordable product with a real custom look and a high design profile.  The artwork in our office helps our clients understand our business.” — Paul Sween, Principal at Dominium

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  • Karen Brummer-Superior Moulding Corp on April 27, 2011

    Thanks for sharing your blog. It’s fun to see the progression of the projects from concept to installation. You have a really unique product and great eye!

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