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Custom Piece and Installation

Check out this custom piece we created for Kate Burda, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CSM. Kate wanted to display images of the 100 Washington Square Building that her father had worked on in his time as an engineer. Kate supplied us with a number of black and white prints from her father’s collection to scan and reproduce.

To get a better idea of what to print the images on, we visited the building to do a study on the textures and finishes of the building’s facade. We then sourced a laminate that simulated the exposed pebble exterior finish of the building. This was used for the four smaller prints in the arrangement. Brushed aluminum was then selected for the center print to help tie in with the brushed metal finishes on the entrance of the building. The prints were then mounted on a Uni-strut metal channel frame to give the piece an industrial feel.

After completion we installed the piece in Kate’s home.

Here’s what Kate had to say about the piece:
“I had received old photos of my fathers work and I wanted to display it in a way that was interesting, uncommon, and clever… Danny came to the house to see what I was hoping for and get a feel for the space. He was so particular on how his work illustrated the larger story. …When I got home I stood in the space just staring at what Danny had done for my father and my home. I was taken aback and a bit awestruck. My father will be speechless. ”
-Kate Burda

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