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Mintalar Dental

Client: Mintalar Dental — Brooklyn Center, MN

Project Details: Dr. Eric Mintalar, DDS was in search of a creative way to display artwork for his patients to enjoy while sitting in a dental chair.

Design Solution: The use of printed ceiling tile was proposed to give the space a more vibrant look.

A theme was selected for each of the five patient areas throughout the office–San Francisco, New York, Nature, Las Vegas and Minneapolis.  Images that fit the themes were used to create montages that would be printed on multiple tiles in each area.  Layout designs were presented to the client for input on color and content.  The image colors were adjusted to fit the interior space and the client’s needs.

Once the images were finalized the set-up process for printing began.  Matching ceiling tile were sourced to assure a continuous texture throughout the printed and non-printed areas.  A large format flatbed printer was used to print the digital images onto the ceiling tile.  The printed tile were then installed in the dental office to complete the project.

Client Comments: “It all started with an idea for a project to add something unique and fresh to a space in our office where our patient’s visual attention was committed and engaged but not enhanced with artwork.  Danny presented an idea to place his art in the ceiling tiles above our dental chairs for our patients to enjoy as they reclined back during their dental appointment.

Danny’s completed artwork is remarkable, beautiful and stunning. The implementation of his art via ceiling tile was seamlessly pieced together and professionally crafted. The comments from all our patients, colleagues and office staff have been fantastic with the wow-factor off the charts and out of the ballpark.

Thank you Danny for your creative visual imagination to enhance our office with a brilliant idea and delivering amazing results with your stunning art.”  — Dr. Eric Mintalar, DDS

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