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Radisson Hotel – La Crosse, WI

Kahler Photo recently supplied the guest room artwork for the Radisson Hotel in La Crosse, WI. This project started with a custom local shoot where Danny traveled to La Crosse to photograph their vibrant city. ┬áDanny proposed these images after color abstracting them and doing several montages for the large, unique headboard pieces. Printing then began once these images were approved. For the headboards, we printed the image on canvas then sprayed and trimmed them to perfectly fit the frames since we weren’t working with mats or glass on the pieces. The canvas also had to be durable since they would not be protected by glass and set into the headboards so a coating was sprayed on them to protect the ink. This is just a sample of these vibrant pieces as there were a total of six headboard images, four desk images and four side wall images distributed throughout the different room types. Overall, these beautiful rooms received a pop of color with these innovative and eye-catching artworks.

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