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Spotlight – Fitness Room Artwork

From custom designed murals to stock fitness images, Kahler Photo can energize your public space Fitness Room! Creative substrates like acrylic, PVC and vinyl can transition your public area into a motivating space for guests or residents to work out! At the Marriott in Deerfield, IL the pool turned fitness room needed a touch of serenity. Kahler Photo was able to brighten up the space using a vinyl mural of clouds for their feature wall.

In the fitness room at the Folkestone Senior Living Homes in Wayzata, MN the owners wanted some local flare and inspiration for the small space. We took a locally shot photograph of a dock by Danny and placed silhouettes of people doing physical activities ranging in age. This large vinyl mural helped to tie the space together. Take a look at some examples of how artwork can transform a bland fitness room into a revitalizing gym! Using PVC and acrylic, with or without Stand-Off hardware, a simple piece of artwork can look truly eye-catching.

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