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The Renaissance Depot Hotel

We’ve been working long and hard on the Renaissance Inn Depot downtown in Minneapolis! We’re incredibly proud to show off our designs and finished products to everyone. First built in 1899, the last train left the station in 1971. Because of the rich history the re-purposed Depot has, the hotel wanted guests to get a glimpse at what kind of lives passed through the building last century.

Poster Mural

This mural is made of promotional posters from the lines that passed through the depot over the decades. We carefully removed each poster from its frame and took high resolution photos of each one to accurately keep the colors and details of the prints represented. The images were then combined into a design and printed on wallpaper.  It was then installed in the one of the main vestibules.

Hallway Gallery

Close-up on the metal pipes and frames

Close-up on the metal pipes and frames

This photo gallery in this hallway features pictures taken of daily events taking place in and around the Depot. We reframed the historical prints and installed them on a display system that we designed and built. The industrial-styled design used steel pipes with a patina bronze finish.


Hanging in the bar is this conceptual triptych.  At nearly 18 feet in width, the image was designed by Danny Kahler and printed on canvas.  Kahler Photo provided the stretching and framing for this large-scale piece of art.

Event Mirrors

We also do mirrors! This is in a corner of the event room, displaying a collage of mirrors, with gold-leafed wooden frames.

Corridor Mirrors

As well as in a corridor.

Luggage Wall

Close-up on the luggage

Close-up on the luggage

Last and certainly not least is the luggage wall. We locally sourced the authentic vintage steamer trunks and suitcases, painted them and securely fastened each one to backer boards.  These boards were then installed on the wall in the concierge lounge at the Depot.

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